YL Instruments HPLC YL9100 Control

Young Lin YL9100 HPLC

The YL Instruments YL9100 HPLC Control module allows for direct control of the HPLC system over LAN interface, particular components use different ommunication interface (USB for FLD detector, RS232 for ELSD detector, RI detector and autosampler). The system may include pumps, detectors, column compartment (LC Control licence) and autosampler (requires AS Control license). Number of PDA detectors are limited, there can be only one per station.

All parameters including parameters controlling pump behavior in the Idle state, acquisition conditions or temperature program are a part of the method. Therefore it is possible to create various acquisition methods and choose between them only by loading the corresponding method. Actual flow rates of each gradient component and their overall sum and pressure can be monitored by the independent Device Monitor.

This module was, except of the ELSD and FLD detector, developed by Young In Chromass company.

FLD detector is only available in YL-Clarity OEM version.


YL Instruments YL9100 HPLC Control
Communication interface LAN, RS232
Purchasing LC Control (p/n A24)
AS Control (p/n A26) - optional
PDA Extension (p/n A29) - optional
Related products Clarity (p/n C50)
Connection Cross LAN (p/n SK08)
Serial straight DB9F-DB9M (p/n SK02) - for YL9170 and YL9180 modules


List of controlled subdevices of the YL Instruments YL9100 HPLC system:
Detectors YL9120, YL9140, YL9160, YL9170, YL9180, YL9181

Pumps YL9110, YL9111, YL9112

Autosamplers YL9150, YL9151 (only with firmware 0840.100)

Column Ovens YL9130

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