Shimadzu LC-10/20 Pump Control

Shimadzu LC-10ADvp

The Shimadzu LC-10/20 Pump Control module allows for direct control of the Shimadzu LC-10ADvp, LC-10ATvp and LC-20A series (LC-10 emulation mode) pumps over serial line. These pumps may be used to create either low pressure or high pressure gradient.

The user can easily create a gradient method from the LC Control window, set a percentage of each gradient component and an overall flow rate in the gradient table. All parameters including parameters controlling pump behavior in the Idle state are a part of the method. Therefore it is possible to create various gradient profiles and choose between them only by loading the corresponding method. Actual flow rates of each gradient component and their overall sum and pressure can be monitored in the independent LC Monitor.

Other types of Shimadzu pumps may be controlled using the Shimadzu LC-10/20 System Control module with the use of appropriate supported controller.

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Shimadzu LC-10/20 Pump Control
Controlled instruments
LC 10-ADvp, LC-10ATvp, LC-20A

Communication interface Optical

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