Shimadzu HPLC Control

Shimadzu LC20 Prominence

Direct control of Shimadzu LC-10 and LC-20 (Prominence) series using Clarity Chromatography Software. The Clarity Chromatography Station allows for direct control of selected Shimadzu HPLC components which are controlled through the SCL-10AVP or CBM-20A (Lite) controllers. Optional control modules enable Clarity to provide integrated instrument control and to ensure complete automation for laboratories.The control module includes parameters for the HPLC pumps, column oven, detectors (including PDA), autosampler, etc. A dedicated PDA Extension enables the evaluation of data from PDA systems.

A single Clarity station can only control one Shimadzu LC-10/20 System. This is the restriction of MIMIC libraries used to perform the instrument control.

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Shimadzu HPLC Control
Controlled devices The Shimadzu HPLC control module is compatible with selected components controlled through the SCL-10AVP or CBM-20A (Lite) controllers. List of controlled components is shown in the table below.

Communication interface RS232
LAN - supported by CBM20, CBM20 Lite only

Data acquisition interface Digital Data Acquisition

Purchasing LC Control (p/n A24)
AS Control (p/n A26) - optional
PDA Extension (p/n A29) - optional

Related products Clarity (p/n C50)

Cable Serial cross DB9F-DB9F (p/n SK01) or
Cross LAN (p/n SK08)


List of controlled subdevices of the Shimadzu LC-10/20 System (minimal firmware versions shown in the parentheses):
Controllers SCL-10AVP (5.33), CBM-20A, CBM-20ALite

Detectors RF-10A, RF-10Axl, RF-20A*, RF-20Axs*, RID-10A, SPD-10A (3.0), SPD-10Avp (5.22), SPD-10Ai (3.0), SPD-10AV (3.0), SPD-10AVi (3.0), SPD-10AVvp (5.22), SPD-20A, SPD-20AV, SPD-M10AVP**, SPD-M20A***

Pumps LC-6AD (1.4), LC-8A (1.5), LC-10AD (3.1), LC-10AT (3.1), LC-10AS (3.1), LC-10Ai (3.1), LC-10ADvp (5.26), LC-10ATvp (5.27), LC-20AD, LC-20AB, LC-20AT, LC-20AS, LC-20ADXR

Autosamplers SIL-10ADvp (5.32), SIL-10AXL, SIL-10AF, SIL-HTA (6.02), SIL-HTC (6.02), SIL-20A, SIL-20AC, SIL-20AXR, SIL-20ACXR

Column Ovens CTO-10A (3.0), CTO-10Avp (5.24), CTO-10AC (3.0), CTO-10ACvp (5.24), CTO-10ASvp (5.24), CTO-20AC, CTO-20A
Solenoid Valves

FCV-10AL, FCV-10ALvp, FCV-11AL, FCV-11ALS, FCV-15AL (all through any of the supported pumps)

LPGE Unit (through LC-20AT, LC-20AD, LC-20ADXR pumps only)

Rotary Valves FCV-12AH, FCV-14AH (both through CTO-20A or CTO-20AC column oven only)

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* Module needs switching to LC-10 compatibility mode

** PC must have functional SCSI communication board and it can be controlled on 32 bit Windows only

*** Can be controlled on 32 bit Windows only

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