Hitachi L-6200/L-6210 Control

Hitachi L-6200

This Control Module allows direct control of Hitachi L-6200 and L-6210 LC pumps.

The user can easily create a gradient method from the Method Setup - LC Control window, set a percentage of each gradient component and an overall flow rate in the gradient table. All parameters including parameters controlling pump behavior in the Idle state are a part of the method. Therefore it is possible to create various gradient profiles and choose - only by loading - the corresponding method.
Actual flow rates of each gradient component and their overall sum and pressure can be monitored in the independent Device Monitor. Control is realized via a standard PC serial port using a specified serial cable.
An optional USB - RS232 converter MultiCOM (p/n MC01) is available for computers with insufficient number of COM ports.

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Hitachi L62x0
Controlled instruments Hitachi L6200 / L6210
Communication interface RS232
Purchasing LC Control (p/n A24)
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Cable Serial straight DB9F-DB25M cable (p/n SK03)

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