Chromophor Chromopeak 2010 Control

Chromophor Chromopeak 2010

The UNI Ruby Control Module with the Chromophor pumps profile allows for the direct control of the Chromophor Chromopeak 2010 pump. The control module enables direct control of the instrument over serial line. Direct control means that the pump can be completely controlled from the Clarity environment. Instrument method controlling the analysis conditions will be saved in the measured chromatograms. Control is realized via a standard PC serial port using a specified serial cable.
An optional USB - RS232 converter MultiCOM (p/n MC01) is available for computers with insufficient number of COM ports.

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Chromophor pumps Control
Controlled instruments Chromopeak 2010

Communication interface RS232 via UNI Ruby

Purchasing LC Control (p/n A24)

Related products Clarity (p/n C50)

Cable cross DB9F-DB9F cable (p/n SK01)

Profile Chromophor2010Pump.rb

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