Agilent ICF GC Control

Agilent 7890 ICF

Direct control of Agilent gas chromatographs (listed in the below table) using the Agilent ICF (Instrument Control Framework) tools developed by the Agilent company. The Clarity Chromatography Station allows for direct control of selected Agilent gas chromatographs, enabling Clarity to provide integrated instrument control and to ensure complete automation for laboratories. Instrument method controlling the analysis conditions will be saved in the measured chromatograms.

Along with the abovementioned gas chromatographs, the control module also allows to control autosamplers operated through the GC's. The matrix which autosampler can be controlled through which GC is available on Agilent website.


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Agilent GC Control
Controlled instruments Agilent 6850, 6890A, 6890N, 6890 Plus, 7820, 7890A, 7890B, 8860, 8890, Intuvo 9000 gas chromatographs, Agilent 6850, 7650, 7673B, 7673C, 7683A, 7683B and 7693A autosamplers.

Communication interface LAN

Data acquisition interface Digital Data Acquisition

Purchasing GC Control (p/n A23)
AS Control (p/n A26) - optional

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Cable Cross LAN (p/n SK08)

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