Sedere ELSD Control

Sedere ELSD

The Sedere ELSD Control module allows for direct control of the Sedere Sedex 80LT, 85LT, 90LT, 100LT, FP and LC ELSD (evaporative light-scattering) detectors. The control module allows the digital acquisition on one signal. The user can easily create the detector control method from the Method Setup - Acquisition tab, where a wide range of signal parametres may be set. All of these parameters are then saved as a part of the method and can be added as a part of the report. Control is realized via a standard PC serial port or USB port using a specified cable (see Specification below).

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Sedere ELSD Control
Controlled instruments

Sedex 80LT, 85LT, 90LT, 100LT, FP and LC

(The serial communication in Sedex 80LT is optional. In case your instrument does not support control by a software, please contact the manufacturer.)

Communication interface RS232 for Sedex 80LT and 85LT
USB for Sedex 90LT, FP and LC

Purchasing LC Control (p/n A24)

Related products Clarity (p/n C50)

Cable Serial straight DB9F-DB9M (p/n SK02) and DB9F-DB9F reduction (p/n SK07) for Sedex 80LT and 85LT,
USB A-B (p/n SK06) for Sedex 90LT, FP and LC.

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