Duratec DDT3200 Control

Duratec DDT3200 detector

The Duratec DDT-3200 control module can control and acquire data including online spectra from Duratec DDT-3200 USB PDA detector. All settings can be made directly from the Clarity chromatography software. Applied instrument method parameters will be then saved together with chromatogram for later review. Data Acquisition is performed via the USB cable (supplied with the detector, USB to SUB type ).
Two communication channels are used: A) for instrument control commands and B) for spectral data acquisition.

The Duratec DDT3200 Control module is supplied by the Duratec company. Contact them for further details about the pricing and supply conditions of this module.

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Duratec DDT-3200 Control
Communication interface USB
Purchasing LC Control (p/n A24)
AS Extension (p/n A29)
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Cable USB A-B (p/n SK06)

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