Antec DECADE Elite Control

Antec DECADE Elite

The Antec DECADE Elite Control module allows for direct control of the Antec DECADE Elite electrochemical detector. It allows the digital acquisition from all detector cells, use of the digital inputs and outputs and supports the auxiliary signals of the DECADE Elite detector. The user can easily create the detector control method from the Method Setup - Acquisition dialog, set the operation mode of the detector cells or create timed events in the Time table. All of these parameters are then saved as a part of the method and can be added as a part of the report. Actual signals of each detector cell can be monitored and partly controlled from the Device Monitor window. Control is realized via a standard LAN port using a typical LAN cable or via USB A-B cable.

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Antec DECADE Elite Control
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Communication interface USB, LAN
Purchasing LC Control - (p/n A24)

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