HTA HT3x00A Control

HTA HT3100A Autosampler

The HTA HT3x00A control module enables direct control of the HT3000A, HT3100A and HT3200A autosamplers and HT2800T autosampler set to liquid mode. The control is performed over LAN.
Direct control means that the autosampler can be completely controlled from the Clarity environment - all autosampler parameters can be sent to the sampler directly from the computer, the sequence table can be planned and edited in the Clarity software and the order of the individual vials is directed by Clarity. Specific methods may be assigned for different vials in the same sequence and particular method used for the given sample will be saved in the resulting chromatogram.
The HT3x00A autosampler control module works with the 1.14 or higher firmware revision. It is recommended to check the user manual of the autosampler for its operating principles and restrictions.

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HTA HT3x00A Control
Controlled models
HT2800T (liquid mode), HT3000A, HT3100A, HT3200A

Communication interface LAN

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