HTA 300 Control

HTA 300L Autosampler

The HTA AS Control module enables direct control of the HTA HT300A, HT300L, HT310A and HT300LV autosamplers over serial line. Direct control means that the autosampler can completely controlled from the Clarity environment. Instrument method controlling for example the vials and further device specific functions (e.g. washing) will be saved in the measured chromatograms.
The chromatography station with the AS control module provides the user with direct computer access to all injection parameters and allows to determine the order of individual vials within sequences. A specific method can be selected for each sample in a given sequence. The method includes AS control parameters, parameters of data acquisition, integration and calculation. Straight from the software the user can plan and edit the sequence table.
An optional USB - RS232 converter MultiCOM (p/n MC01) is available for computers with insufficient number of COM ports.

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HTA 300 Control
Controlled instruments HT300A, HT300L, HT310A, HT310L, HT300LV and HT310LV

Communication interface RS232

Purchasing AS Control (p/n A26)

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Cable Serial straight DB9F-DB9M cable (p/n SK02)

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