Clarity software comparison table

The comparison table displays the differences between our three key Clarity software Solutions.

Clarity Lite is a simplified version of Clarity that provides data acquisition from one chromatograph (using one A/D converter with up to four detectors sharing a common time-base). With its reduced set of functions Clarity Lite is an inexpensive solution for a non-regulated environment. Clarity Lite can be easily upgraded at a later date.

Clarity Offline allows users to evaluate data and prepare methods. This version cannot acquire data and communicate with the directly controlled instruments, but it can share data or even directly access (through LAN) projects of the two above-described stations. With Clarity Offline users are able to work with acquired data on additional computers in the lab or at home.



Clarity LiteLite Clarity OfflineOffline
Support of multiple detector instruments 32 detectors / instrument 4 detectors / instrument offline
Number of instruments connected simultaneously 1 - 4 1 1 - 4 (offline)
Supporting tools for 21CFR Part 11:
Electronic signature, Audit trail, Advanced User Accounts
yes no yes
Digital Acquisition yes no n/a
Optional Control modules (Autosamplers, GCs, HPLC pumps - according to the List of Controlled Instruments) yes no n/a
Optional Extensions (SST, PDA, GPC, CE, EA, NGA, DHA, MS)
yes no yes
Column Performance Table yes no yes
User columns in Result table - Special calculation defined by the user yes no yes
Command directories for selecting the working folder for data saving yes no yes
Archive/restore functions yes no yes
Batch processing yes no yes
Commands Model method and Copy From for extended work with method files yes no yes
Sequence yes yes n/a
Automatic subtraction of solvent defined in the method yes no n/a
Display background chromatogram in the Data Acquisition dialog yes no n/a
Hardware A/D Converter - compatible types INT7,
U-PAD2, Colibrick,
U-PAD2, Colibrick
Hardware A/D converter - possibility to combine multiple converters yes no n/a


n/a for the Clarity Offline version means that the feature is not available, because it is related to the data acquisition.

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