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Now outdated MSDOS environment had its limitations in the graphical display capabilities. However the station already enabled to perform all basic tasks necessary for measurement, evaluation and storing chromatography data. And even enabled tasks that were not usual for MS DOS programs, such as chromatogram overlay, or possibility to evaluate chromatograms while measuring other. It was already possible to chose preffered way of control using: keyboard cursors, mouse, and keyboard shortcuts.

  • The whole software package was distributed on a single 1.44 MB floppy disk
  • The system was easily running on Intel 286 computer
  • It was possible to use ChromaApex on PC without hardisk


The chromatogram display provides header describing the chromatogram, graph with described peaks and baseline and small preview graph for easier orientation.


Calibration dialog displays the calibration curve constructed using the known response/amount gathered from calibration standards. A simple scientific calculator that can be invoked anytime is an example of the little extras that make life with the program much easier.


Well arranged result table provides the Results from the measurement.

Chromatogram Overlay

Up to eight chromatograms can be overlaid in 3D view for easier copmarison of chromatograms.

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