Clarity version 8.8 is available

The new version brings many enhancements:

  • New function "Filter Not Used Compounds" in Calibration
  • New export to the csv file
  • Colibrick – new option to offset data
  • Colibrick, U-PAD2, and Zebrick now use WinUSB driver from Microsoft
  • UNI-Ruby control modules now support User Units settings
  • Integration Algorithm updated to version 8.0 Rev.3.
  • New dynamic label on Open button indicating use of Overlay in Chromatogram Open Dialog
  • New columns “Start Value (Signal)" and "End Value (Signal)" for Peak to Valey Ratio calculation available
  • New improved method of rescaling available for Peak Purity calculation in PDA extension

New control modules:

  • Axcend Focus LC
  • CMP Scientific - ECE-001
  • Recipe EC6000
  • Young In Chromass ChroZen HPLC RID-E

A detailed list of changes is available in whatsnew.

Clarity users can update to version 8.8 free of charge from here or alternatively directly from their stations.