Clarity version 8.7 is available

The new version brings many enhancements and new control modules:

  • Compatibility with Windows 11
  • Improvements in Open Dialog
    • Faster when browsing through larger sets of files
    • More intuitive opening of multiple chromatograms
    • New option to browse through selected chromatograms one by one...
  • The MS Extension improvements
    • It has been improved to address the situation when peaks are not very well separated or even not separated at all
    • Local Integration parameters are now specific for each quantification signal...
  • Export to new *.xlsx format
  • Export of All Signals Result table is possible
  • Footer option in the Report Setup

New control modules:

  • Analytik Jena PQ LC HPLC Pump 1125, 1130, 1132
  • Gow Mac 836 GC
  • Sunchrom SpectraFlow 2050
  • Sunchrom SunTherm 2070
  • Watrex StreamLine FC

A detailed list of changes is available in whatsnew.

Clarity users can update to version 8.7 free of charge from here or alternatively directly from their stations.