Clarity version 8.6 is available

Check new features

Clarity version 8.6 brings the following improvements:

  • A new user right to take control over Instrument locked over by different user
  • A new option to set routines being run after the sequence finishes
  • Sample Parameters in the Report Setup are more granular, and it is possible to print only some items such as the vial and injection number
  • New system for programmer logging

And new control modules are now available:

  • Unimicro EasySep-3030 Pump
  • Unimicro EasySep-3030 Thermostat
  • Unimicro EasySep-3030 UV Detector
  • Unimicro EasySep-3030 UV/VIS Detector
  • Young In Chromass YL3050A autosampler

Detailed list of changes is available in whatsnew.

Clarity users can update to version 8.6 free of charge from here or alternatively directly from their stations.

Download our free Clarity DEMO VERSION.