Free Clarity EVAL software for Universities

Press Release 2005/7

DataApex offers a new advantage option for education: an extra license of Clarity EVAL to every purchased Clarity software free of charge now!

In the educational environment, it is typical that more users share the same chromatograph. Universities will benefit from the Clarity EVAL that will enable to process data and prepare new methods offline on separate PC while another user performs online analysis.

This offer applies to Clarity and Clarity Lite software purchased after 5th November 2005. The extra license of the Clarity EVAL - an offline version of Clarity Chromatography Software - will be automatically included in the shipment.

The Clarity Chromatography Software represents a universal solution for laboratories. The Clarity is designed to acquire and evaluate data from up to four chromatographs at time (multi-detector measurement support) and is compatible with any commercially available chromatograph. The Clarity includes built-in tools for GLP/ 21 CFR Part 11. The Clarity Chromatography Software can be extended with a number of add-on software modules: System Suitability Test, GPC module, GC control module (Agilent, Dani), AS control module (Agilent, HTA, CTC, Spark) and HPLC control module (Agilent, LabAlliance, Knauer, Flux, Gilson). Optional Validation Kit serves for operational qualification tests.

The software is highly regarded for its ease of use, excellent performance and cost-effectiveness. To obtain further information about DataApex Clarity products please contact

About DataApex

DataApex Company, established in 1991, is a developer and manufacturer of chromatography software. The DataApex data stations are used for data acquisition, evaluation and instrument control. The products are sold to more than 45 countries around the world. 5 chromatography instrument manufacturers resell privately labeled versions of DataApex software. Information about DataApex and their product can be found at www.dataapex.com