Clarity Chromatography Software available from Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Oceania

Press Release 2006/10

DataApex is pleased to announce that their chromatography solution is now available also in Australia and New Zealand. Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Oceania has started to distribute Clarity Chromatography Software. Clarity products extend the portfolio of Shimadzu’s chromatography data solution.

Clarity Chromatography Software is modular solution for data acquisition, data processing and instrument control. Its modular architecture enables every user to get solution tailored exactly to their needs with the option to upgrade easily to more comprehensive solution later. One to four chromatographs can be connected to a single PC workstation. The software includes tools for GLP/ 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, optional control modules, extensions for GPC, CE, PDA and variety of A/D converters.

Clarity Chromatography Software has a strong position in the chromatography data systems market. Clarity is highly regarded for its intuitive approach, excellent performance, cost-effectiveness and proficient technical support. DataApex is solely focused on chromatography software development. Strong emphasis is put on technological innovation, visionary adoption of new laboratory standards, best practices and extensive customer support.

DataApex products are sold in over 60 countries around the world. Seven chromatography instrument manufacturers privately resell labeled versions of DataApex’s software. The current version of Clarity is the third generation of DataApex’s chromatography software.

To obtain further information about DataApex Clarity products please contact contact clarity@dataapex.com or visit www.dataapex.com

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