Clarity Software Development Kit (SDK)

Press Release 2006/2

After 15 years in the chromatography software market DataApex – an independent chromatography Software Company based in Czech Republic (EU) - has grown to a well-established partner providing creditable background for trustworthy software and hardware development.

Clarity Chromatography Software can directly control wide range of chromatography instruments. In order to address the need for faster expanding the range of available control modules, DataApex has released Clarity SDK (Software Development Kit).

Clarity SDK is a library and set of tools for rapid development of control modules for Clarity software. A Control module is a plug-in that allows Clarity software to control a specific hardware device (GC,detector, autosampler, etc.).

Clarity SDK is available for third parties after a non-disclosure agreement has been signed. ClaritySDK also provides theSDK Wizard for easier generation of the skeleton of the new control module project. It is designed to be used with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0. Extensive support for SDK developers includes phone support and an online SDK Discussion Forum where the developers can consult various issues related with the development. Opening the Clarity SDK to third parties will boost the speed of development of new control modules.