Clarity 2.5 released

Check out the improved and new features that are available free of charge.

Clarity 2.5 is an update to Clarity Chromatography Software, it is free of charge for every Clarity software that uses the hardware key.
In addition to the numerous minor improvements, Clarity 2.5 brings the following major features:

  • Microsoft Windows Vista (32bit) compatible
    the compatibilty with Windows 2000/XP is preserved
  • Preparative chromatography support
  • Fraction Collector control
  • Auxiliary pump and Valve control
  • Auxiliary signals and Events in Chromatogram
  • Signal units in Chromatogram and Results table
  • Enhanced Event Table
  • Amino Acid Analyzer (OEM solution)
  • . . . complete version history

Next steps:

Go to Downloads section to download [obsolete link removed].

Have a look at the Clarity 2.5 vs 2.4.4 manual that describes the main changes compared to the previous version.

Have a look at the updated List of controlled instruments