Installation problem

Due to problems with external certification authority Clarity installation cannot perform automatic hw drivers setup.

Attention! Since 8th April 2006 the Clarity installation reports expired certificate and does not install hardware drivers (dongle, INT7, U-PAD) automatically. It is still possible to install the drivers manually. This problem does not affect upgrading already installed stations. We apologize for the inconvenience. The technical problem will be solved within this week.

The Chromatography Devices Installer dialog will display cross in front of the driver names with the inscription "Not Installed (Certificate Expired)" picture bullet 1.


  1. Fixed installation
    It will be available for download from the Internet as soon as possible.
  2. Install drivers manually
    Click the "Finish" picture bullet 2 button. After the installation will finish, perform the manual installation of the drivers.
  3. Upgrades - ignore the message
    The drivers were already installed during the initial installation.

How to install the hw drivers manually?

  • Connect the USB token to a USB port on the computer.
  • After connecting the token, Windows will recognize the new Plug and Play device and will attempt to install a driver. The Found New Hardware Wizard will appear:
  • Select: "Search for a suitable driver for my device."
  • Select: "Specify a location"; and then select the C:CLARITYHW_DRIVERSROCKEY subdirectory in the main directory of the workstation. The driver is in a file named ROCKEY4USB.SYS and its information file is ROCKEY4USB.INF.
  • The rest of the driver installation will automatically be carried out.
Other hardware
The installation of the A/D converters is analogous to the installation of the hardware key. Detailed Step by step procedure for any supplied hardware is described in the corresponding passages of the Getting Started manual chapter 2.2.