Keep your chromatography station up-to-date

Exchange old A/D converters with discount now


sale-15-percent.jpgThis new promotion helps end-users to keep cost lower when transfering chromatography software to a new computer or notebook, where PCI/ISA converters cannot be used. Customers who still use old PCI/ISA converters ( INT9, INT7, INT5 or CB20) can purchase latest USB Colibrick A/D and Zebrick D/A converters with 15% discount now. This discount is applicable for registered end-users.

This promotion is valid till July 16, 2020. Feel free to contact us or our distributor if you have any questions.

Don't you have a software registration? No problem, you can easily register your software  here. As a registered user you can BENEFIT from our specific promotions and get the latest software update for free.




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