Software familiarization for FREE now

Web-based introduction to Clarity Chromatography Software


End-useDistant trainingrs who purchased Clarity(Lite) Chromatography Software in 2019 can get a software familiarization for free.

How to get a free training:

  1. Just register your software here .
  2. Email us from the same email as stated in the registration form and use code MKT1047.

We will come back to you and set up the software familiarization training.

This promotion is valid till August 31st 2019.

Software familiarization is a web-based, two-hour long introduction to Clarity software in English, where basic principles and workflow in Clarity are explained. This introduction is delivered directly on a user’s PC via TeamViewer, and the user is encouraged to try the discussed matter on their own station with guidance provided by DataApex support. More information can be found here

Please note - depending on our free capacity we might provide this free trainig for a group up to max 3 people per one training session.


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