Validat 5 (iCD) now supports Clarity

Validat 5 (iCD) now supports ClarityValidate Clarity methods in accordance with various guidelines such as DIN, USP and ICH in Validat.


Validat from iCD now supports Clarity.

Validat contains the Clarity Interface which enables users to

  • Import Clarity Methods to Validat projects.
  • Export Clarity Sequences from Validat project.
  • Import and Validate measured results from Clarity.

For brief overview, please, see the Validat-with-Clarity datasheet.

To obtain the Validat or Clarity Interface for Validat, please contact the producer - iCD company:

iCD. Vertriebs GmbH
Augustinusstr. 9d
50226 Frechen / Germany

Telefon: +49 2234-96 634 - 0
Telefax: +49 2234-96 634 - 90
Hotline: +49 2234-96 634 - 88


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