Clarity version 4.0 just released

New features, new control modules and much more


Many new important features have been implemented such as

  • DHA Extension (Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis according to ASTM D-6730)
  • New control modules for Agilent 1100/1200/1260/1290 series
  • New control modules for YL Instruments YL6500 GC, Spark SPH 1240 pumps, Cetac AS800 autosampler, Altech ELSD 3300, Ecom Flash DAD
  • Support for Bar Code Readers
  • Enhanced functionalities for existing control modules
  • Localization to German language
  • Localization to Spanish language
  • Enhancements to peak integration
  • Support for the new A/D converter Colibrick

Existing users can update to the latest version for free. Only users with old Clarity versions < 2.4 have to order a HW key (p/n C600), SW update is free of charge. The latest version is available in the download page. For more information see the Clarity 4.0 vs 3.0 Guide or complete list of changes.

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