DataApex History 2006-2010

Five young recently graduated students of Chemistry and Computer Science Universities in Prague decided in 1990 to develop a software as a replacement of very old and primitive integrator used by mother in law one of them. And this job unexpectedly continues until these days and it results in more than 21 000 users of DataApex Chromatography Data Stations.


ISO9001:2001 - certification

  • Certified by widely accepted certification TUV company.
The DataApex annual sales exceeded 1000 stations.
DataApex started a close cooperation with Knauer and Shimadzu China.


SDK - The Software Development Kit introduced

  • a tool for external developers of Clarity control modules
About 30% of control modules has been developed by third companies.
DataApex employed 20 people.


CE - the extension for Capillary Electrophoresis

  • Further expands the range of separation techniques that can be evaluated using the Clarity station
  • CE specific terminology.
  • Evaluation by time corrected area.
  • Peak identification by peak start or end (additionally to peak apex).


Multi-COM - reliable extnernal USB to RS232 converter

  • 6 COM ports, 1 supplemental USB port.

DataApex offers a variety of accessories which helps to connect chromatpgraphy instruments in easy and reliable way.


- Terminal board

  • Connectors with screw contacts.
  • LED indicators of logical inputs and outputs.


Several important marketing partnerships have been established.

  • Gallery Science representative Debra Cree appointed as Premium Partner for North America market.
  • Young-Lin South Korean Instrument producer decide to sell their instruments with Clarity OEM data station.
  • DataApex participated at BCEIA exhibition in Bejing China.
The DataApex reached annual turnover over 2 mil .USD.
DataApex website traffic was about 100 hits a day.


A significant number of new Clarity control modules introduced

  • Shimadzu LC10/20, Sykam HPLC, Antec Decade, ...
  • More than 170 instruments is directly controlled by Clarity.
China and India belongs to the most successful and growing Clarity markets.


Clarity version 2.6 released

  • Supporting tools for Preparative Chromatography.
  • More than 50 other enhancements.
6000 Clarity stations already installed.


NGA - Extension for Natural Gas Analysis released

  • Greatly enhances utilization in petrochemical industry.
  • Automated solution for calculating specific natural gas properties.
  • Compression factor, Mean Molecular Weight, Density, Wobbe index and other.
NGA is first from collection of three planning petrocal modules (NGA, DHA, SimDis).
NGA is sixth finished Clarity extension.


Two Clarity versions 2.7 and 2.8 released

  • New Installer for easier installation.
  • Launch Manager for better customization of Clarity configurations.
  • Validation Wizard for easy step-by-step Validation.
DataApex staff reached 25 employees.
Typical Clarity price equals average sallary in Czech Republic.


Clarity version 3.0 - the most significant improvement of our flagship CDS released

  • Clarity now supports the data export in the Excel format.
  • New calculation types: Standard Addition calibration, Calibration Bracketing and Normalization (NORM).
  • Electronic signatures for PDF reports.
  • Order of sections included in the report is now customizable.
  • More then 100 another new features and improvements.
  • Free of charge for current users.
Clarity 3.0 allows to control almost 300 instruments.
12000th DataApex chromatography data station installation is expected at the end of this year.

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