DataApex History 2001-2005

Five young recently graduated students of Chemistry and Computer Science Universities in Prague decided in 1990 to develop a software as a replacement of very old and primitive integrator used by mother in law one of them. And this job unexpectedly continues until these days and it results in more than 21 000 users of DataApex Chromatography Data Stations.


CSW32 - Chromatography Data Station for 32 bit Windows OS

  • Suporting multidetector instruments.
  • Long filenames.
  • Print Preview.
  • More than 1000 installations.
Five chromatography producers were selling CSW32 OEM versions.
About 60 active distributors in 40 countries.


INT7 - 24 bits PCI A/D card

  • Up to four channels.
  • Up to 100 Hz sampling rate.
  • 4/8 TTL input/output including opto-couplers and relays.
About 7000 INT7 cards was sold within 8 years.

Less than 50 INT7 cards were complained by users.


U-PAD - external 24-bit A/D converter

  • Extremely small size.
  • Dual channel converter.
  • USB comunication interface.
  • Up to 400 Hz sampling rate.

Present ownership structure (3 co-owners) was constituted in this year.
The annual turnover reached 800 000 USD.


Clarity - the DataApex flagship CDS was introduced

  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant data station.
  • Up to 4x12 detectors.
  • Possible LIMS cooperation.
  • Rich import/export.
The Main Office in Prague was moved to Podohradsk√° 1.
The Clarity price was twice of average gross sallary in Czech Republic.
More than 100 distributors all over the world.


Validation Kit - tool performing the Operational Qualification (OQ)

  • Precise analog signal generator device.
  • Set of Clarity methods and prepared procedures.
One DataApex station belongs to ten thousand Czechs.


GPC - Clarity integrated solution for Gel Permeation Chromatography

  • Narrow, Broad, Broad on Narrow standard calibration methods.
  • Molecular weight distribution graphs.
  • Polynomial curve fits, Mp, Mn, Mw , Mv , Mz, Mz+1 molecular weight averages and polydispersity.
The GPC is most postponed DataApex project - first required in 1991.


Net-PAD - external networked A/D converter

  • TCP/IP communication protocol.
  • Dual 24bit channels, up to 400 Hz.
  • Two RS232/TCP/IP converters.
Analytica 2004 in Munchen - first DataApex exhibition.
First station sold in Canada.


PDA - Extension for evaluating 3D data from diode array detectors

  • Spectral Library Search.
  • Peak Purity analysis.
  • Agilent 1100 DAD data acquisition and control.
Up to now about ten DAD detectors supported by Clarity.
DataApex exhibited for first time at Pittcon in Orlando as the only one company from Czech Republic.


EA - Clarity modification for Elemental Analysis

  • Dedicated for Elemental Analyser based on combustion system.
  • Determining the Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Sulphur (CHNS-O).
We sold more than 1500 extensions like SST, PDA, GPC, EA, CE, NGA.

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