DataApex History 1996-2000

Five young recently graduated students of Chemistry and Computer Science Universities in Prague decided in 1990 to develop a software as a replacement of very old and primitive integrator used by mother in law one of them. And this job unexpectedly continues until these days and it results in more than 21 000 users of DataApex Chromatography Data Stations.


CSW17 - Latest 16 bit Chromatography Data Station

  • Improved CSW10 station.
  • More than 1500 installations.
  • About 30 directly controlled instruments.

30% of the production was exported to six European countries.
DataApex staff reached 10 people.


PAD - Standalone A/D converter with internal memory

  • dual channel system
  • Independent acquisition box

1000 Chromatography station installations since 1991.

First distributor in India.
First OEM partner.


CSW EAS - Chromatography Station for Elemental Analysis

The biggest GC producer from India appointed as the OEM partner.
80% production is exported by 60 distributors.


AIA - utility for import chromatographic data in netCDF format

The Y2K (Year 2000 problem or the millennium bug) have not affected our products except plenty of required statements by our partners and users.

Number of employess exceeded ten persons.

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