During update to Clarity 7.2 the User Code is required, why?


In case you were asked for a User Code (U/C) during update to Clarity 7.2, it means that the update has not been performed correctly. However there is a simple solution.

1. Finish Clarity installation first - skip the step where you are asked to supply the User Code.

2. After Clarity is installed, do not start it.

3. Go to the installation directory of Clarity - this is by default in C:\Clarity directory.

It is highly probable that the installation directory will contain extra files and/or directories which were not intended.

4. The structure in the root Clarity directory should be exactly like the list below:

  • Bin
  • Cfg
  • DataFiles
  • uninstall.dat
  • Uninstall.exe

5. Move any extra project directory (contains your measured chromatograms, calibrations, methods and so on) to the DataFiles directory.

6. Move any extra Clarity file (such as Clarity.dsk, Clarity.sno, Clarity.snp, Clarity.psw or similar) to the Cfg directory.

7. Finally, start Clarity and now it should not ask for User Code.