How to move Clarity (Lite) software to a new PC?


The Clarity software license is fixed on the HW key. The software itself could be installed freely on different computers, but without the HW key, it will not start.

For moving Clarity to a new PC follow these steps:
1) Install the software on a new computer (the latest version could be downloaded from our website www.dataapex.com, section Downloads), you need to be registered and logged in. During the installation make sure all necessary drivers and control modules are installed - some may not be included in the Typical installation.
2) Connect the hardware (MultiCOM, A/D Converter, etc.) and the HW key.
3) Enter the user code matching the HW key.
4) To restore your settings copy the system files (clarity.cfg, clarity.dsk, clarity.psw) from the old computer to the Clarity\cfg folder on the new PC.

If you have Clarity Full version:
5) To restore the data, use Archive/Restore command to copy the needed projects (recommended procedure) or copy the respective folders (including the Projects and Common).

If you have Clarity Lite:
5) To restore the data, copy the respective folders (including the Projects and Common).