How to start a sequence in Clarity at defined time?

It is possible to schedule a task which will run Clarity with defined parameters automatically starting a sequence. Proceed as follows:

Prepare a batch file (clarity.bat) to perform the required tasks using the command line parameters

The batch should contain the following line (example):
version up to 6.2 - start C:\Clarity_Demo_304\Clarity.exe i=2 u="Administrator" psw="" seq=C:\Clarity_Demo_304\FC\FC3.seq run_seq=2

version since 7.0 - start C:\Clarity_Demo_304\Bin\Clarity.exe i=2 u="Administrator" psw="" seq=C:\Clarity_Demo_304\FC\FC3.seq run_seq=2


  • start C:\Clarity.exe will start the Clarity in specified directory
  • i=2 will open the desired instrument (2)
  • u="Administrator" psw="" will open it as a specified user with specified password (essential, otherwise it stay waiting for this input)
  • seq=C:\Clarity_Demo_304\FC\FC3.seq specifies the sequence to run
  • run_seq=2 starts the sequence on instrument 2

Prepare the sequence to be started.

The sequence can contain just one line with the Start up method, or some standards/samples can be defined in the following rows. In the start up method, define to switch the lamp on and flush the system as required to equilibrate.

Use the Task Scheduler

Set the clarity.bat to be started at defined time and date. In Windows 7 and later you may find "Task Scheduler" after pressing the Windows Key on your keyboard. Use the advanced properties of the task to fine tune the scheduling.

Set the task to be started when you are logged on only and when leaving the PC, do not log yourself off. Remember, there must not run Windows Update which may log you out and restart the PC.