How to set up LAN communication with Agilent 1100 and 1200 systems?


LAN communication

General issues

For LAN communication, one of the 1100/1200 modules must be equipped with a LAN communication card inserted in the MIO slot on the back side of the module (do not mistake it for the CAN connectors used for the internal system communication, using the same RJ45 connectors).

Original board supported by Agilent is a G1369A LAN Interface described in Agilent G1369A LAN Interface User Manual (Agilent P/N G1369-90000).

In case you want to use J4100A JetDirect card (alternative to HP JetDirect Print Servers 600N/400N/500X/300X) we don't support it and don't guarantee the functionality.

Connecting single PC directly with 1100/1200 system

In case you need to connect the PC directly with the 1100/1200 system using LAN card, see the chapter 3.3.4 Single PC & network connection in the Agilent 1100 manual.

GPIB Communication

Notice that GPIB communication is no longer supported since Windows 7.

Communication using GP-IB card could not be established

When the communication with the Agilent 1100/1200 system by the GP-IB card could not be established, even if all the parameters are set correctly and the Agilent IO Libraries report the module as connected on the used ID address, then it is necessary to check the Agilent IO Libraries.

The Agilent IO Libraries must be closed (Use the Exit command) before the communication with Clarity can be established.

During the installation of the Agilent IO Libraries, they are added to the programs to be started automatically at the system start. It is necessary to disable this function because they could not run simultaneously with Clarity.

  • In Windows XP, Vista and 7 - remove them from the  Windows Start menu, Programs (All Programs), Startup group.
  • In Windows 8 and 10 - start the Task Manager (display more details in the window) and locate the Start-up tab. Disable them.

After the communication was lost, it could not be reestablished

When using the GP-IB USB converter, it may be necessary to disconnect the converter from PC to clear the communication buffers. As the USB can be powered even during computer shutdown, the shutdown and restart may not help.