How can I open chromatograms from other data systems?

Most chromatography systems use a proprietary data format (the main reason is belief that it ensures data integrity for GLP-related requirements). To open and process such chromatograms in Clarity, they must be first exported from the original software into a suitable format. Most commonly used formats are AIA (.cdf files) or ASCII (.csv, *.txt, *.asc and other files). Clarity can import such files (only the chromatogram data, not integration method or result tables) and process them using the current instrument method.


  • The export is available with full menus active in Data Analysis view (menu File, command Export file, AIA file....). Due to the way the Chemstation exports the files (they are always named signal01.cdf and stored in user named folders, batch export is not supported), processing is not very convenient and will be quite laborious for a large number of files.
  • The export of DAD data is even more complicated if not impossible (you will have to export each wavelength separately and combine them to the format which can be imported to Clarity).

EZ Chrom

  • The chromatograms can be exported during processing, in the Advanced Method Options, Export tab for option Chromatogram the AIA and ASCII formats can be selected.
  • The ASCII  *.asc file format is supported by Clarity both for chromatograms and 3D data. AIA files can be used as well.