Computer slows down significantly

Up to Clarity version 8.2.2 a slowdown in the computer performance after installing the drivers for the Sentinel HW key may be caused by incorrect settings selected during the installation. These problems occur when Clarity is running and you try to work with files/directories on the network (for example, searching for the network printer).
Clarity installer correctly installs Sentinel drivers with disabled "Sentinel protection server", "Sentinel Keys Server" and "Sentinel Security Runtime" options. However, if the drivers were previously installed manually, the options that cause the slowdown could have been set.


  • Run the Sentinel Protection Installer 7.6.5.exe program found in the HW_DRIVERS\SENTINEL subdirectory on your Clarity installation media.
  • Get to the "Custom Setup" dialog:
    - If Sentinel drivers are already installed on your computer, choose the "Modify" option in the first dialog.
    - In case you have no Sentinel drivers installed on your computer so far, select the "Custom installation" option during the installation.
  • In the list of installed devices, disable the "Sentinel protection server", "Sentinel Keys Server" and "Sentinel Security Runtime" options.

Sentinel Protection Installer 7.3.2-InstalSchield Wizard

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