U-PAD hangs up turning Windows to blue screen

There is known bug regarding the Windows XP servis pack 2 incompatibility with the earlier version of U-PAD driver, leading to BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) when starting Clarity.

There are two possible remedies:

a) update Clarity software

  • Download Clarity Full version
  • If you have Clarity 2.3 and older - download the latest 2.3.x version from CLARITY PREVIOUS FULL VERSIONS section
    (update from this version to Clarity 2.4 and later would require to purchase HW Key (p/n C550) for manipulation fee.
  • If you have Clarity 2.4. and later - download the latest available version from CLARITY FULL VERSIONS section.
  • Disconnect the U-PAD before installing the update.

The uninstallation of earlier version is also strongly recommended - use the Remove Clarity command from the Windows Start menu, Programs, Clarity program Group. This will remove the program components only, leaving your configuration and datafiles intact.

b) update only the U-PAD driver

  • Download the updated U-PAD driver from Downloads - Others section
  • Overwrite the existing cswupad.sys file in windowssystem32drivers directory with the downloaded file.
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