Agilent ICF Setup dialog is missing the OK and Cancel buttons after update to Clarity 8.4. How to get them back?

The problem is caused by a bug in the display of the Setup dialog under certain conditions (display resolution/text size). The buttons in the dialog are active but positioned outside of the window frame.
Possible remedy:
  1. Please try to change Screen display resolution/font scaling to 100% so the buttons will be visible. It is necessary to restart Clarity after this change.
  2. Press Enter while on the hidden OK button - this depends on which actions has been performed in the Setup dialog
    1. in case you do not see focus (colored highlight) on any of the buttons that are visible in the dialog, the OK button probably has the focus. Press Enter to close the ICF setup window.
    2. in case you pressed the Configure button, you will see the Configure button has focus. Press Tab appropriate number of times (to get focus to Clear (Tab pressed once), OK (Tab pressed twice) or Cancel (Tab pressed three times), and then press Enter.
    The issue will be fixed in the next released version of Clarity.
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