Registration of files in Windows Vista, 7, 8.1 and 10

If you manually copy a control module *.dll (i.e. not using an installer) you have to run the regsvr32.exe with administrator rights to register it.

  • Hit the Windows Start button or key on your keyboard, type cmd in the search field.
  • Right-click to open the pop-up menu and select Run as administrator.
  • In the command line, type regsvr32.exe and a path to the dll (for example "regsvr32.exe C:\Clarity\Bin\MyFile.dll") and press Enter. The library will be registered.
  • If you will not perform the operation with the administrator privileges, an error message with code 0x8002801c will appear.

Since Clarity version 8.2. unauthorized control modules cannot be added this way.

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