How to recover acquisition data after Clarity crash or freeze?

During acquisition data are stored in temporary directory (...\TMP\ $ch1run.raw file ). The data are stored from memory to disk in approximately 1 min intervals. In case the computer crashes/freezes during a run, the up to that moment acquired data could be recovered using the Data Recovery ... command from the Single Analysis window. Note the chromatogram will be created according to the method and parameters specified the Single analysis (file name and processing parameters), which may be different from the ones used in the Sequence.

single analysis recoveryrescue data

During freeze, it will depend if the thread collecting and storing the data to disk will be still active, with a crash, the data to the last minute before the crash could usually be recovered. In case the computer freezes often, it will be advisable to investigate the cause and try to find a remedy – please do not hesitate to send us the respective diagnostic filesMemory dump may be helpful for such situation.

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