Clarity 7.0 changes the installation folder structure. Can I preserve previous installation in case I want to revert to it?

In Clarity version 7.0 a new organisation of the installation folder structure has been implemented to separate the program files (*.dll, *.chm), configuration settings (*.ini, *.cfg) and the user data (*.prj, *.cal).

During the update, installation wizard will automatically move files to new locations. Once this is performed, it is not easy to revert back to the previous version (i.e Clarity 6.2).

Revertable installation of Clarity 7.0

Suppose that your installed version of Clarity is 6.2. To make sure that you can revert back to this version at any time after updating to Clarity 7.0, perform the following steps:

  1. Make a backup of your projects, chromatograms, etc.
  2. Uninstall current Clarity version.
  3. Start the installer of Clarity 7.0 or higher.
    1. Change the Destination Folder to C:\Clarity7 or other.
      (Otherwise it would be installed over the previous installation.)
    2. Set the location for your data files to the previous installation (see the picture).
      Or alternatively (to preserve your original data) use a new data files location and after the installation, manually copy data from the previous installation (using the Archive/Restore command) to the selected data location.
    3. Finish the installation.
  4. To preserve your original configuration, copy the following configuration files from the original installation to the new installation CFG subfolder:
    1. Clarity.cfg (and potentially any other *.cfg files)
    2. Clarity.dsk (and potentially any other *.dsk files)
    3. Clarity.sno
    4. Clarity.psw

Reverting back to previous Clarity

When revert is needed, perform following steps:

  1. Uninstall the new version (7.0).
  2. Install the previous version to the original installation folder (C:\Clarity). The one used before update to 7.0

Note that once you update to Clarity 7.0, Desktop files (*.dsk) are not compatible with previous versions of Clarity.

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