Clarity Error Messages

List of error messages:

▌An unknown error occurred while accessing C:\Clarity\Tmp\$ch1run.raw

It can be displayed during the start of the acquisition, probably when the User does not have writing rights into C:\Clarity.

▌Attempted an unsupported operation.

It may occur when accessing a broken dialog or window. Please contact our support and describe in which window it happened.

▌Board malfunction

Probably there is an error in communication with DataApex converter. See a manual of INT7 or INT9 - chapter Troubleshooting, table List of Error Messages.

▌Blocked HW key

Your HW key has for some reason been blocked. contact our support for help.

▌Cannot add device group

When trying to drag the whole group of devices (AS, GC, ...) over to the Instrument.

▌Cannot add some subdevices. - DEMO - 1 was configured on Instrument XX

If the number of DEMO detectors in configuration exceeds a certain number. Up to 10 is definitely still fine.

▌Cannot connect with communication library CswHP1100.dll. Install Agilent IO Library Suite version 15.

Libraries for GPIB are not installed (e.g. when switching the station from DEMO mode with 1100 over GPIB in configuration). We do not include the libraries, see the Agilent website. Also note that GPIB communication is no longer supported since Windows 7.

▌:Cannot create Detector

This error message can occur while using a DataApex A/D converter. Probably an unregistered library. Please contact our support.

▌Cannot create RAW file

Cannot create raw file c:\clarity\tmp\$ch1temp.raw is an error message which occurs due to very specific circumstances. After starting the analysis, the file $ch1run.raw is created. When the analysis finishes, it is then renamed to $ch1last.raw from which the chromatogram *.prm is created. The file $ch1temp.raw gets created in case the renaming is not possible - usually due to a modal error message which awaits confirmation.

▌Cannot create temporary files

At Clarity startup if the user cannot write to C:\Clarity (installed without administrator rights).

▌Can't create ... (device name)

Usually a problem with the control module library (*.dll file). See FAQ - Question "I get an error message (Error on setup, Can't create ...) when I want to add an hardware to Clarity Configuration".

▌:Cannot determine the number of bytes in input queue for Serial communication. System Error Information : 31. A device attached to the system is not functioning

If Multicom is unplugged from the USB of the PC (ECOM LCO connected over Multicom).

▌:Cannot determine the number of bytes in input queue for Serial communication. System Error Information : 1167. The device is not connected

If Multicom is unplugged from the USB of the PC (ECOM LCO 102 connected over Multicom).

▌Cannot establish communication with XXXX SN xxx! XXXX SN xxx might not be connected, installed properly or it might be malfunctioning

In an attempt to open Instrument which has an uncommunicative device in configuration (e.g. unplugged U-PAD2 or Colibrick).

▌Cannot find driver file

From version 2.8 and later - this message pops up if an DataApex internal A/D (INT7, INT9) card is configured but physically unplugged. Also if the device is disabled in the Device Manager. See a manual of INT7 or INT9 - chapter Troubleshooting, table List of Error Messages.

▌Cannot find first board

This message may occur when a user wants to configure more A/D cards than is present in the PC.

▌Cannot find RAW file

This message has occurred while ending the analysis (Agilent 7890). Cause unknown yet.

▌Cannot find second board

If the user tries to add a second board which is, however, not present in the PC. See a manual of INT7 or INT9 - chapter Troubleshooting, table List of Error Messages.

▌Cannot load device driver

This message could have occurred on older versions of Clarity (for example on, probably due to a missing DataApex INT7 card. See a manual of INT7 or INT9 - chapter Problems with INT7.

▌Cannot load script xxx server execution failed (Ruby control modules)

Problem is caused by recent Windows 10 update (Build 1809), which is blocking the used RUBY script intepreter library version used due to a vulnerability issues. For remedy, please update to Clarity version 8.1 or higher, the affected library was updated in it.

▌Cannot open File Open Dialog. An unknown error occurred during this operation

This message seems to be related to exhausted Windows resources. Make sure you are using the latest version of Clarity and a fully functional Windows installation.

▌Cannot open file XXX The file is already open on Instrument YYY.

If you attempt to open a method that is already opened on another instrument.

▌Cannot open USB communication for XY

For example U-PAD2/Colibrick. Possible causes are if the A/D converter is connected over a USB hub or if there is a problem with DLL registration.

▌Cannot send data in serial communication

If you have, for example, a GC connected over a NetPAD and in configuration you first remove the NetPAD and then try to perform something with the GC.

▌Changing project requires to restart instrument. (You will be prompted to save modified files.) Is this OK ?

If you have unsaved changes in the Chromatogram window and you also want to change a project on the instrument.

▌Clarity is already running!

Appears during the startup of Clarity.exe if another instance is already running.

▌Clarity.psw file has been changed. Please see help file for possible reasons.

When upgrading from versions older than 8.0, this dialog may occur at first run and be logged in Station Audit Trail. It is a standard behavior caused by security improvements in newer versions of.
When manipulation with the *.psw file has been detected, it appears during the start of . This manipulation may mean a *.psw file from another station was copied to the configuration folder (C:\Clarity\Cfg by default) or when closed unexpectedly ( crash, PC power failure, ...) when the *.psw file was modified but not yet saved.
When the *.psw file found does not contain a record about station running in the Regulated Environment, station will normally continue working and no message will be displayed on further station starts. If the *.psw file contains the record about station running in the Regulated Environment, station will not start at all. An empty *.psw file from the \Cfg\BACK\LAST_INSTALLATION\ subfolder can be used, all user accounts must be recreated and all GLP options must be re-selected.

▌Clarity.psw file has been corrupted. Clarity will now terminate. Replace the corrupted Clarity.psw file in Clarity folder (C:\Clarity) with default file from the backup folder C:\Clarity\Back\Last installation. All user accounts will be lost.

The file Clarity.psw has been corrupted. It appears as another message after confirming the "User accounts file load error" popup.

▌Configuration file C:\Clarity\Cfg\Clarity.CFG is not valid. The file was either damaged or created with a later version of the software. The backup copy will be used.

Appears when starting with a non-compatible *. cfg file.

▌Configuration file C:\Clarity\Cfg\Clarity.CFG is not valid. The file was either damaged or created with a later version of the software. Contact support for help.
Appears when starting with a non-compatible *. cfg file. Backup cannot be restored in this case.

▌Detector 1 (= NAME OF SIGNAL) is not acquiring any data

In case of high load on a low performance PC. This error may also occur due to physically damaged card during acquisition.

▌Encountered an improper argument

In version, this message appeared when the PDA tab in Report Setup was moved from the initial position.

▌:Error Occurred During Setup.

This message can happen during the configuration of a control module.

▌Error 1008 V-2500 (Upchurch) (SN N/A): Not Connected

If the valve from a COM port is disconnected, it is switched from Waiting to Communication Error.

▌:FAILED to send method to device (Thermostats)

When thermostat is unplugged from RS232 and then "Send Method" is pressed manually.

▌:FAILED to send method to sub-device

If the device stops communicating with several parts (e.g. 7890).

▌Fraction table contains overlapping time intervals. Please amend the table so that the time intervals don't overlap.

This error occurs if the user creates a wrong table for a fraction collector with overlapping times. It is a warning for the user that the fraction table needs to be corrected in order to avoid presence of the overlapping time segments in the table.

▌HW Key test Failed

Your HW key is not working correctly. Contact our support for help.

▌Incompatible device driver

The kernel driver and the driver in the Clarity do not match.

▌Invalid rows detected in the Method Setup - Event Table. The invalid rows will be marked out and skipped from events processing

This message appears during the opening of a method whose Event Table uses something that is not in the configuration.

▌Method file XXX does not exist. For more information about errors on the other rows, point mouse cursor over "Sts." Column for each row.

This happens when opening or checking a sequence which contains a name of a non-existent method.

▌Method file XXX was prepared with different instrument configuration and cannot be sent into HW. Open Edit Method Dialog and press OK to adapt it to the new configuration (non-matching parameters will be replaced by defaults).

If the instrument or method being opened does not correspond to the hardware which is currently present in the configuration.

▌Missing keylock drivers

The drivers for the HW key are missing or corrupted. They need to be reinstalled. See FAQ on our website - HW key (re)installation.

▌Net-PAD (SN Error) Cannot send sockets.

Net-PAD is not communicating. This may be due to a faulty cable or that when using a direct connection the PC does not have a static IP address set up.

▌NETPAD malfunction

This message appears if the data do not arrive within 7.5 seconds.

▌:No data received for 10 s.

This message may occur during an acquisition if Clarity has not received any data for a prolonged period of time. Make sure the PC is not under high load during the acquisition.

▌No detector has been found and not even demo detector has been found

The control modules may be incorrectly registered. Please check the IQ Report of Clarity.

▌Please enter valid Data Size. Minimum is 2.

The content of the imported file is too short (only one data point on the graph).

▌Project directory already exists but has no project file! Do you want to create the project file?

Project directory with this name already exists but it misses its project *.prj file. Select one of options. It is recommended to select Yes option.

▌Project file already exists but has no project directory! Do you want to create the project directory?

There already exists project *.prj file with given name but it misses its project folder. Select one of options. It is recommended to select Yes option.

▌Project already exists! Choose a different name.

Project with this name already exists. Select another and unique name for newly created project.

▌Seek failed on C:\..... .csv

The content of the imported file is too short (less than 5000 Bytes). Please update to the latest version of Clarity.

▌Shutdown from Event Table

This message appears after executing the Shutdown command from the Event Table.

▌Stop time must be larger than Start time for individual fractions.

This message concerns fraction collectors. The Fraction table contains incorrect settings of Start Time and Stop Time for one or more rows. Each row of the Fraction table has to be set such that the Stop Time is always higher than the Start Time on the same row.

▌The report style "Chromatogram.sty" does not exist or is damaged. Default report style "Noname" will be used instead.

This message appears during the opening of a Chromatogram window while deleting/renaming or damaging the respective .sty file in the meantime.

▌Too many peaks in chromatogram. Try to increase peak width or threshold

Peak Width was set to a low value (e.g. to 0.001 minutes in a 80 minute noise chromatogram).

▌Too much data for FFT. Max. number of samples in interval is 2E6

FFT applied to a too large interval.

▌Unable to lock instrument in unprotected mode!

When no user is created and you attempt to set Lock on an opened instrument.

▌UPAD (SN...): Cannot send data in USB communication.

For example when you unplug a USB cable during acquisition and confirm the displayed error, the Instrument then switches to a Communication Error.

▌UPAD device malfunction

This appears during the test of a UPAD when it does not provide any data. In other words, during the start of Clarity an acquisition signal 10V/100Hz is sent to the first UPAD channel and if there is nothing received from the UPAD in 1 second, this error message appears. See the manual of UPAD - chapter Troubleshooting.

▌User accounts file load error

The file Clarity.psw failed to load. Happens, for example, if you downgrade from 3.0 to 2.8 and leave the old files in place.

▌You are attempting to paste incompatible or out of range values

This message may occur while copying a sequence table prepared in Excel. Make sure the form of the table and its values are correct.

You entered 3 times wrong password, you must restart program

If the user submits a wrong password three times in a row prior to closing Clarity.


Error messages in IQ report:

wrong checksum (size), probably different version of the file

Check the IQ Report to see if the Clarity installation is correct.

▌Warning: unknown control module

Happens e.g. in Clarity Lite for drivers of control modules if the PC finds a full version of Clarity installed.

▌Failed: bad size

The file has a different size (compared to iq.chk) - occurs e.g. in Clarity Full for .dll from Lite, if that one was the last registered.

▌Failed: bad checksum

The file has a different checksum (compared to iq.chk) - occurs for .dll which has the right size, but the checksum does not match. For example if you edit the size of iq.chk manually.

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