How does the peak detection in FC-GP work?

The peak detection algorithm used in FC-GP can be explained using the figure below. Red color is the signal, blue color is the derivative of the signal (basically a slope at that moment). The axis on the left is shown in the units of the derivative, there are two green vertical lines at 2 and -2 for illustration (let us assume the slope has start value of 2 and end value of 2).


First peak is being collected when the derivative raises over limit 2 (first upwards black line). The peak is being collected through the peak apex (even before that the derivative falls below 2) and still being collected when the derivative falls below -2. It then starts to raise and the peak end is triggered when the derivative raises from some -4 above -2 (which is the negative of the end limit). In case the derivative on the peak end never falls below -2, the fraction will never end (until the end of the interval of the collection).

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