Which USB-RS232 cable adapter should I use?

For one or more devices requiring the serial (COM) RS232 port, use the reliable MultiCOM adapter from DataApex (p/n MC01). Proper operation of the MultiCOM adapter has been approved by many of our satisfied customers.


If you purchase the USB to serial (COM) RS232 cable adapter from another manufacturer consider following recommendations:

  • DataApex strongly recommends NOT TO purchase USB-RS232 cable converters based on processor chips provided by Prolific. Prolific processor chips are known to be unreliable. The preferred chip manufactures are Silicon Labs or Future Technology Devices International Limited.
  • It is also strongly recommended to install appropriate drivers for these chips.
  • When purchasing cable devices it is also necessary to consider limitations related to maximum cable length. There is a related Topic in DataApex FAQ section under this link.
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