I have Clarity (Lite) with 1-channel A/D card and without GC add on. How can I perform analog acquisition from 2-channel GC Agilent Agilent 5890, 6890 or 7890?

  1. In the Agilent GC instrument, disable one of the analog output and on the used one, set the appropriate detector (front or back) you want to measure from.
  2. Connect the analog output of the GC to Colibrick, U-PAD2 or Int9 A/D card using the Int7 cable. See the hardware manuals at our downloads web site.

In case you have Clarity:

  • Add the Colibrick, U-PAD2 or Int9 card to the System Configuration and add the detector on the Clarity Instrument. See the hardware manuals for more details.

In case you have Clarity Lite:

  • After start of Clarity Lite, you can start acquire data immediately.
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