Computer related Clarity (Lite) problems

User privileges settings:

  • Clarity (Lite) user must have read/write access to Clarity system and data files. The default C:\Clarty (C:\Clarity_Lite) directory inherits Read Only status from C:\ on administered systems. Contact your local administrator to change the settings.

Antivirus programs:
Antivirus programs usually do not interfere with Clarity functionality. But there are two areas which may pose problems for correct functioning of Clarity (Lite):

  • Antivirus is causing processor overload under certain situations which may leave insufficient memory resources for Clarity (Lite).
  • Antivirus is continuously monitoring files frequently updated by Clarity (Lite) (.raw,.audit etc.) which may be unjustifiably marked as a threat to the PC.

Windows Updates:
Automatic Windows updates are in the default settings able to force unattended computer to restart regardless of running programs - only warning message will appear. Please note, the first two options (Automatic updates or Download updates) may result in the forced computer restart.

Choose one of the options for automatic updates:

  • Never check for updates.
  • Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them.

On administered systems ask your local administrator to choose on of the options described above.

In Windows 10 it is not possible to forbid updates settings.

In Windows 7, 8.1 go to Control Panel - System and Security - Windows Update- Change settings.

In Windows XP update's settings are accessible through Control Panel - Automatic Updates.

check for updatesnever check for updates

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