How many instruments can be controlled simultaneously by Clarity?

It is possible to configure and control up to 4 independent instruments (GC or HPLC) on one Clarity data station. Only one Clarity station can run on one PC.

However, please consider such configuration may not be practical in cases when all 4 instruments should be running simultaneously with short analyses (less than 20 minutes) due to the following issues:

  • Method sending for some GC and HPLC systems is a lengthy operation and during this time Clarity may not be operable.
  • During chromatogram processing, after the end of acquisition, Clarity may again not respond for some time.
  • If there is more than one operator there may be struggle for keyboard control.
  • The demands for processing time/memory may exceed the available resources on weak computers.

Please note there may be also specific limitations given by the controlled instrument (for example only one Agilent 1100 system using HP-IB communication or only one Shimadzu LC-10/20 system may be controlled on Clarity station) due to the communication protocol constraints.

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