Is it possible to create chromatograms in subfolders from a sequence?

Yes, from Clarity version 4.0 it is possible to define the name of the file including the subdirectory, in both the Sequence window and  the Single Analysis dialog - use the sign %s before the file name.

You can use the standard Clarity variables in the name of the subdirectory - the file name could look like in the example below:

Subdirectory in file name.

In the example above, %s\%q_%Q_%R defines the file name: a subdirectory with the sequence name (%s) will be created in the working directory and in it,  the files with the  name format  SampleID_Sample_Date-and-Time.
The folder will be created at the start of the acquisition (you might be prompted for confirmation) or only the file if the subfolder already exists.

Please, do not  break Windows file and folder naming rules - ie. check that  the last character in the folder name is not a space, etc.

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