Troubles with USB Hubs and Colibrick or U-PAD2. Acquisition is stopped suddenly.

At first check, if the U-PAD2 isn't connected to a USB hub. Problems are mostly related to the USB power supply, so definitely the hub should have external power source.

Note the U-PAD2 is sensitive to communication delays. Responsible for those delays on USB communication may be the computer hardware or software. Processor overload, low RAM memory or running processes blocking the processor or communication lines should be checked. In case the communication is interrupted for more then 10 seconds, an error will be invoked. Error message "No data from Acquisition", "No data received for ..." and similar may appear randomly. As a consequence, the running acquisition is stopped and the running sequence interrupted. In case the problem is temporary, sending of the method again may solve the problem.

Try the Task Manager and inspect the processor load and processes consuming large amount of CPU time or memory. Suspected programs are incorrectly set anti-virus (continuously checking file types used by Clarity during data acquisition. The *.raw, *.prm, *.audit, *.tmp file types should be avoided disabled for scans. Any other programs monitoring files on exchangeable media (i.e. programs for organizing and presenting of pictures, music or video, including some CD/DVD burning programs) may also interrupt the Acquisition.

Also, when the Acquisition is running, it may be interrupted by any actions started during this, like a printing to a slow USB or network printer, large file transfer over network or USB, connecting or disconnecting USB devices, computer entering sleep mode or screen-saver activation.

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