How can I update Clarity to newer version?

In case the computer is connected to the Internet, just select the menu Help - Check for Updates in Clarity main window. New version will be offered. You may need to fill in the registration form and proceed with selecting the default options suggested.

  • For Windows 7, you need to install a Microsoft .NET framework 4.7.2 or higher before running Clarity update. Use the link below:

Click here to download .NET 4.8 (this includes all previous 4.X versions)

  • For Windows 10, make sure you have installed all available WIN10 updates before running Clarity update.


Alternatively you could download the version from our web pages, section downloads - full versions. You need to register (including the S/N of the station) and login, then save the update, transport it (by USB flash disc) to PC with Clarity and run the file.

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