I get an error message (Error on setup, Can't create ...) when I want to add a hardware to Clarity Configuration.

These problems may occur during the setup of a hardware (Colibrick, Int7, Int9, U-PAD2, ...) in the Clarity Configuration.

Error on setup - this error message means the problems on a low level, either with a kernel driver or hardware itself.
Can't create ... (device name) - this error message usually points out the problem with the control module library.


The *.dll file is either:

  • not registered
  • not compatible with the current cswext.dll
  • registered in a different directory and thus using a different cswext.dll version than the Clarity.exe.

To solve this, uninstall the previous version of Clarity and then install Clarity again. Follow the chapter for reinstallation in the device's manual. Alternatively it is possible to register the corresponding *.dll file using the Windows\system32\resvr3.exe program.

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