What are the Clarity configuration files?

The system files store the following informations:

  • C:\Clarity\Clarity.cfg (up to 6.2) and C:\Clarity\Cfg\Clarity.cfg (since 7.0)
    This file stores besides the hardware configurat ion information also information about the last user logged to a specific instrument and the custom instrument pictures used in the Main window.
  • C:\Clarity\*.dsk (up to 6.2) and C:\Clarity\Cfg\*.dsk (since 7.0)
    These files store the information about the last used project *.prj and the individual user preferences (windows configurations and layout, tables and graph preferences, user columns etc.). The Clarity.dsk file from the PGM subfolder on the installation media is copied during installation and used as a template for the *.dsk files of newly created users.
  • C:\Clarity\Projects\*.prj (up to 6.2) and C:\Clarity\DataFiles\Projects\*.prj (since 7.0)
    This file stores the info about the project subdirectories (the project directory has the same name as the project *.prj file) and the last used method, sequence, SST method and chromatograms.
  • C:\Clarity\Clarity.psw (up to 6.2) and C:\Clarity\Cfg\Clarity.psw (since 7.0)
    In this file the list of users and access rights are saved.
  • C:\Clarity\Clarity.sno (up to 6.2) and C:\Clarity\Cfg\Clarity.sno (since 7.0)
    This file contains the User Code.

The information about report setup, window layout, user columns and some other parameters for individual windows and instruments is stored for each user in the respective *.dsk file. Those parameters are not linked to specific methods or projects.
Custom instrument picture are placed in the Images subfolder on the installation media. The new sequence and calibration files are created for the respective template files stored in the Common folder, only when not found there, the program defaults will be usedDefault Report styles are stored in the Common folder, each windows remembers the last used report style, this info is stored in the user *.dsk file.

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